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Scott Hollister is a full-time real estate investor and agent. His life’s purpose is to be a great family man, live long and healthy, enjoy life, give back, and achieve financial freedom for his investors and family.

He is the host of the Book Club Interview, combining two of his passions of reading and education. He hosts best selling Author’s on his podcast discussing Business, Real Estate, and Life.

Scott attributes his love of learning from his past career as a teacher and coach. He taught Health Class, Cross Country, and an award winning high ropes character education program. As an educator, he learned how to be patient, problem solve, and pull the very best out of each and every student he came in contact with.


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The Company

David Wesley Real Estate is named after my father, David Wesley Hollister. I named the company after him to honor his name and the values and work ethic he has taught me. He was a simple man who believed in working hard, being a person of his word, and helping others in need.



We stick to our investing principles to achieve consistent results by purchasing for cash-flow. We invest by applying our methods and processes based off financial facts. We don’t follow the heard; we formulate decisions after thorough analysis and accurate evaluation. When we invest with others we demonstrate the character trait of trustworthiness. All our deals are based off the ethical virtues of honesty, loyalty, integrity, and promise-keeping.


I formally taught a character education program for students in 3rd through 8th grade. Teaching the program has taught me to be a become a better leader. My goal is to demonstrate integrity and honesty while building lifelong relationships. I held very high standards of right and wrong while teaching students competencies to achieve success: To “live happy, worthy and fulfilling lives; and become engaged, responsible, and productive citizens.”


I believe that we should never stop learning. Whether that is through books or networking groups. Our focus is to bring investors together, to provide help and education, and openly share advice without hidden agendas.