Capital Overview

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FIX and Flip

Fix and Flip loans are great short term, interest only loans. They allow you to make cash offers on REO's and other properties that conventional financing won't touch. This is a great option if you are a value add investor. 

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Bridge/Mezzine Loans

Bridge Loans are an "In-between" options that offer a solution until you find permanent financing or sell the property. Typically 1-3 years in length. We like to think of this as a vehicle to get from short term financing to longer buy and hold options. Depending on the deal and your investment strategy, a bridge loan can be a good option while you stabilize your rent roll.

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30 Fixed rental 1-4 unit

Great for a full time investor looking for long-term financing.

  • No balloon payment or income verification

  • No DTI calculations or tax returns

  • Short seasoning 

  • No limit on the amount of loans

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If you own real estate and you want quick access to capital, a cash-out refinance is great way to access it.

  • Maybe you have another deal you need to fund, gain access to your money in 2-3 weeks so you can determine the highest and best use. 

  • Do you need to finish up a current rehab? 

  • Buying a vacation home or rental? 

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  • Fix and Flip debt

  • Bridge Financing

  • Stabilized non-recourse debt

  • Fixed non-recourse debt, up to 40 year term

  • New Construction